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Jun 2022


    Preqin is on a mission to pioneer ESG data and research in alternatives, bringing transparency to an opaque market. Our teams are central to the company’s growth plans as the demand for high quality ESG data is top of mind for alternatives professionals


    If you are looking for the next step in your career, we have a range of ESG roles across the business, from Strategy to Research & Insights, to Engineering and Marketing, each position needing a different skill set but all representing an opportunity to grow with the business. 

    Be part of the leading data solutions provider in alternative investments and join our mission to revolutionize the private markets.

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    Our teams are pivotal in shaping Preqin’s future. We approach every task with agile and innovative mindsets to ensure we continue to lead the industry forward.

    - Jaclyn Bouchard, EVP, Head of ESG Solutions & Corporate Responsibility 


    Meet our people working cross different teams, who all contribute towards our ESG mission


    Strategy team: Formulate and refine our corporate strategy 

    Meet Andrea Ramirez, AVP, ESG Product Specialist 

    What is it about your role in the ESG space that you enjoy the most? 

    Everything! I started working in sustainability six years ago and I have loved it ever since day one. I know I am lucky to be able to say that I love what I do. Six years ago, I was working in designing and implementing social innovation projects across countries in Latin America. Today, I am working with the pioneering team creating and providing the first at scale solution for ESG data in the alternatives assets industry. What is there not to like? 

    Learn more about Andrea and read her Employee Spotlight here  

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    Product team: Deliver cutting-edge products and new functionalities that fulfil our clients’ needs 

    Meet Justin Hall, AVP Product Management 

    How did you first get involved in ESG? What advice would you give to someone who would like to work in Product, with an ESG focus?  

    I found my way into the ESG team at Preqin almost by accident, so I had very little ESG background when stepping into the role. What I did have was a desire to make a positive impact on our world and the ESG products have given me that opportunity. Over my 2+ years as part of Preqin’s ESG team, I have worked with many passionate individuals, all striving towards the same goal – how to help clients understand how to align their economic decisions with doing well for our world, the environment, and the species that populate it.  

    For anyone looking to work in Product with an ESG focus, my advice is simple -  just go for it. You don’t need to be an ESG expert to succeed – if you enjoy talking to clients, understanding their needs, and have a desire to solve those problems you can learn all the other tools needed. The ESG part is an added bonus – knowing your products are making a difference in the world. 

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    Research & Insights team: Deliver actionable research for existing and potential market participants 

    Meet Nick Garraway, Senior Associate, ESG Research 

    How have you found taking on an ESG remit in Research? What excites you about this topic? 

    My move across to the ESG team (from covering asset classes within the Research team) has been incredibly smooth. I was fully supported at every step of the process, which was great. ESG research is such an exciting area to have moved into, and one where the work we are doing will have real positive impact, providing transparency on ESG issues across the investment process. It is an evolving area within alternatives and is turning mainstream. This is reflected in the work we are now doing at Preqin, meeting the demand for ESG insight with high quality data across this space. 

    Learn more about Nick and read his Employee Spotlight here 

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    Engineering team: Design and implement Preqin’s outstanding suite of software products 

    Meet Sindhu B. Naidu, Engineering Manager, Engineering   

    How do you think the ESG landscape is evolving?  

    Information about environmental, social and governance metrics is no longer a "nice to have", instead it's an indispensable consideration across every business decision being made. There is a strong push from stakeholders to disclose various initiatives businesses are taking to address ESG issues. It’s increasingly clear that responsibility for ESG practices must become embedded across every level of the organization. The range of ESG issues that investors look at continues to grow, encompassing diverse aspects such as carbon emissions, water, board diversity, employee metrics etc. 

    Learn more about Sindhu and read her Employee Spotlight here  

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    Marketing team: Develop product messaging and positioning, and deliver world-class go-to-market programs, campaigns, and sales enablement for all Preqin services

    Meet Cindy Vallée, AVP, Segment Marketing, ESG   

    How do you approach ESG Marketing? What has been the most interesting things you have learned about this area?   

    ESG Marketing is truly a fascinating world! I was new to the industry when I joined 4 months ago, and absolutely loved straight away hearing how passionate private markets participants are about ESG. It is critical for us to take this passion into account when designing our campaigns, not only to educate and support, but also to give them a voice. As pioneers in the space, we are uniquely placed to help our customers drive growth whilst creating a more sustainable future with us. Knowing that what we do as a marketing team can have that kind of impact is also extremely rewarding and significantly helps spur our creativity day in, day out!

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