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 Groundbreaking due diligence formula

Term Intelligence offers a unique solution for Limited Partners (LPs), General Partners (GPs), and Service Providers. Our offering allows you to compare Limited Partnership Agreement (LPA) terms with a chosen peer group. This helps determine if your LPA terms are in line with the market.

Our analysis includes management fees, carried interest, and expenses. We also ensure alignment with industry standards through an Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) compliance analysis.

Term Intelligence can eliminate debates over 'market' terms by providing clear, definitive answers from the start, fostering confidence and clarity for all parties.

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From the industry leaders in fee validation

Term Intelligence provides:


Benchmark a fund's terms against a selected peer group to understand if LPA terms are in line with the market.

Understand if a fund's terms are ILPA compliant to ensure alignment with industry standards.




Project the cost of LPA terms to determine cost and performance implications over the life of a fund.

Break the language barrier between legal and investment management teams with insight that provides transparency.


Data and expertise you can trust


Data from private market funds

In-house lawyers

Specializing in private market legal agreements


Funds of legal terms in our database

Expert analysts

Perform cost projection modelling


Fast-track the investment process with data-backed insights 

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Understand how we give GPs competitive edge.
Discover how we help Law firms offer third-party add-ons.

"It’s long been ILPA’s mission to achieve greater transparency, alignment and good governance across our private markets industry, and solutions like Term Intelligence contribute to that vision, particularly by providing LPs with data and insights that have historically been difficult to capture and analyze. We’re grateful that Colmore, a Preqin company, is bringing highly useful services like this to bear on behalf of ILPA members and LPs more broadly."

Greg Durst
Managing Director


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