The Colmore-ILPA partnership empowers LPs with actionable insight on Limited Partnership Agreements (LPAs)

ILPA Member benefits

As an ILPA member, you are eligible for an exclusive discount on Colmore's pre-investment due diligence solution Term Intelligence. This partnership discount applies to all Term intelligence packages. 


About Term Intelligence

With Term Intelligence, LPs can benchmark certain LPA terms against a selected peer group to determine if the LPA terms are market, understand the impact of specific LPA terms, including management fees, carry and expenses. Along with determining alignment with industry standards through an ILPA compliance analysis.

This groundbreaking analysis expedites the investment process by eliminating debates on "what is market," as it clarifies "market" terms from the outset. Term intelligence levels the playing field, fostering confidence and clarity for all parties.

Term Intelligence provides LPs with:


Benchmark a fund's terms against a selected peer group to understand if LPA terms are in line with the market.

Understand if a fund's terms are ILPA compliant to ensure alignment with industry standards.




Project the cost of LPA terms to determine cost and performance implications over the life of a fund.

Break the language barrier between legal and investment management teams with insight that provides transparency.




Ensure your LPAs are compliant with ILPA guidelines

Component 1 – 1
ILPA compliance analysis

Understand if certain LPA provisions are in line with the ILPA Principles 3.0 and identify critical points for negotiation.

Compare against ILPA guidance

The ILPA 3.0 Principles are designed to be comprehensive, guiding principles for private equity, which seek to encourage fair and transparent LPA terms in the market.

Delivery via a committee ready report

Colmore’s in-house legal team provide commentary on relevant LPA provisions vis-à-vis the ILPA Principles 3.0.

"It’s long been ILPA’s mission to achieve greater transparency, alignment and good governance across our private markets industry, and solutions like Term Intelligence contribute to that vision, particularly by providing LPs with data and insights that have historically been difficult to capture and analyze. We’re grateful that Colmore, a Preqin company, is bringing highly useful services like this to bear on behalf of ILPA members and LPs more broadly."

Greg Durst
Managing Director

On-Demand Webinar

LPA Terms Uncovered: Empowering LP Negotiations


In this webinar, Colmore and the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) assess the LPA terms landscape and give insight into the real-world impact of LPA terms. They showcase case studies and discuss how LPs can empower their negotiations with actionable insight.

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