Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Fabio De Marzo


Delivery Manager, Engineering

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Feb 2022

    Joining the Culture Committee, and the Diversity & Inclusion one, has been very impactful for me.

    How has your career progressed since you joined Preqin?

    I joined Preqin in August 2020. I was initially hired to look after a couple of projects spanning across three teams, and I’m now involved in the delivery of initiatives involving 10 engineering teams with more to come in 2022 - exciting! Besides the engineering side of delivery, I form part of the leadership teams of three Business Units and often provide my project management skills across other functions like Sales and Marketing to help with the coordination of the Go-to-Market Strategy.

    Since mid-2021, I also took the opportunity to join the EMEA Culture Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This is a fantastic and eye-opening opportunity to grow while having lots of fun and meeting tons of great people.



    How would you describe the company culture? 

    It’s great and thriving - we’ve grown considerably in recent years, but there was no feeling of a strict culture being imposed on the new joiners. It was something more organic where everyone can contribute to making things even better for the whole community.

    When I joined, for the first few months I had to work 100% from home and build relationships remotely. Despite this, I was able to get to know a lot of people, feel part of a big family, and not feel discouraged by not having met anyone face to face. It was strange, but special, to meet people in person afterward!



    What advice would you give to someone who would like to have a career in Engineering at Preqin?

    Your voice matters, so don’t be afraid to speak up. Everyone is quite open and eager to listen to different views and inputs. We all have formed ideas, but the team environment allows for a truly genuine exchange, which in turn fosters growth, at a personal level and for the organization. As the company is going through such rapid expansion, it’s exciting to see how easy it is for new people to become part of the constantly evolving Preqin DNA.



    What achievement are you most proud of? 

    There are a few different things I’m proud of, for example, the launch of the Company Intelligence product. But joining the Culture Committee, and the Diversity & Inclusion one, has been something more impactful for me. I actively contributed to the growth of the company culture and broadened my perspective by being more directly exposed to various crucial subjects, like inclusion. This is something I feel very strongly about and makes me feel happy and proud, as well as motivated to try to do and learn more in this space.




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