Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Jack Levy


VP, Head of Platform, Product

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Feb 2022

    Preqin has offered me a lot of training opportunities and, because of this, my role has now progressed into more of a leadership one.

    How would you describe a day at Preqin?          

    It’s going to sound like a massive cliché but in a fast-growing company like Preqin, no two days are the same. Since the pandemic, we have moved to hybrid working so I typically spend 2-3 days a week in the office. On these days, I will usually be in collaboration sessions with my colleagues, where we work together to brainstorm and design new products and features. On my days at home, I tend to focus more on analysis and data-related tasks that require a lot of attention to detail – although this is often punctuated with a few Zoom calls to check in with the team and colleagues in other parts of the organization.



    How would you describe your role?

    I sit in the Product Team, so our job involves synthesizing client feedback and using this to inform the future direction of our products. My role is focused on data integration, which is all about finding new and innovative ways to help our clients consume Preqin data directly in their existing systems and workflows. My team have built out APIs and data feeds, and are now focusing on direct integrations that will make it even easier for our clients to access our data. Ultimately, our objective is to understand clients’ problems and find smart ways to resolve them with technological solutions.



    How has your career progressed since you joined Preqin?

    I have been very fortunate to progress during the two and a half years I have been at Preqin. I started as a product manager, in a very ‘hands on’ role. Preqin has offered me a lot of training opportunities and because of this, my role has now progressed into more of a leadership one. I manage and mentor a team of product managers who now take on the delivery aspects, which allows me to focus more on our strategic direction and how we position ourselves in the market.



    Why did you join Preqin?

    As a ‘product person’, I am always attracted to roles where I can solve interesting problems. As I explored the role, I could see a massive opportunity to help Preqin’s clients make use of their data in new and interesting ways through data integration. During the interview process, I was lucky to meet a lot of the team and I was impressed by their dedication and work ethic – I felt that this was a place where I would be very happy. I also picked up that Preqin invests strongly in its culture, which was a huge draw for me.



    What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in learning about FinTech?

    There’s a lot of special terminology and nuances of the industry, but if I can do it anyone can! Seriously though, it’s a fast-growing industry but, more importantly, FinTech is a very broad church and there is a wide variety of roles in the sector. If you like to solve interesting problems, then I personally can’t think of a better place to be.




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