Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Katherine McNulty


VP, Influencer Marketing, Marketing

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Feb 2022

    The company was able to accommodate my request for flexible working, so I've been better able to manage my work-life balance during the first few years of my daughter's life. 

    How would you describe your role?

    I head up our Influencer Marketing team at Preqin. The simple way to describe what our team does is to think about it in terms of brand marketing – we aim to build awareness and influence the perception of Preqin’s brand within the market. We do this in a number of ways:

    • Managing our relationships across our network of marketing and referral partnerships, executing effective co-marketing initiatives across a range of channels.
    • Delivering targeted programs for student and academic institutions, driving engagement between Preqin and the academic community.
    • Collaborating with leading figures in the alternatives industry on content and event opportunities.

    My role is extremely varied, and we get to work with a wide range of stakeholders both internally and externally. For that reason, the ability to build effective long-term relationships is critical to what we do – and for me, what I love most about my job!



    What has your career trajectory looked like at Preqin?

    Since I joined Preqin in 2012, the marketing department has undergone a complete transformation. We’ve grown from a small team of six people based in our London office, largely working in more generalist roles, into a global organization of 50+ individuals with more specialist talent. Alongside this growth, we’ve also completely overhauled the way we do things and have massively ramped up our digital capabilities. It’s been amazing to witness these changes over the last nine years and joining the team as a graduate, it’s been an amazing opportunity for me to grow with the company. Having had the chance to work in a variety of roles, in a team that is always growing and evolving, I can honestly say that life at Preqin has never been boring!

    My first role at Preqin was in a generalist marketing position. I was the sole person focused on marketing, so day-to-day I was working on a range of activities including email campaigns, direct mail-outs, optimizing web copy for SEO, posting content on Twitter, and organizing our participation at industry conferences. Having very little prior experience in marketing, I was eager to learn and I was very fortunate that Preqin agreed to sponsor me to study for a diploma with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

    Pretty soon the team started to grow, and more specialized sub-teams were beginning to emerge. I was given an exciting opportunity to lead a new team covering events and partnerships – and once again, Preqin offered to finance my study towards an event management qualification to support me in my new role. One of my greatest achievements to date has been planning Preqin’s first ever live event, attended by 100+ senior representatives from the alternatives industry.

    After a number of years, I was ready for a new challenge and made a lateral move into my current role managing the Influencer Marketing team. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to hone my skills in building and nurturing partnerships, as well as having the opportunity to work on some amazing brand initiatives, including the development of Preqin Academy and more recently leading on a corporate rebrand project.

    Alongside a busy nine years at Preqin, with multiple career moves, I also took a year of maternity leave in 2020. Everyone at Preqin was amazing in the lead up to my departure and on my return to work. It’s definitely not easy to return to work after such a big gap, but the HR team and the wider marketing group were really supportive in helping to ensure that things ran smoothly in my absence and in helping me to acclimatize when I came back. I’ve also been really lucky that the company was able to accommodate my request for flexible working, which has meant that I’ve been better able to manage my work-life balance during the first few years of my daughter’s life.



    What’s your favorite thing about working at Preqin?

    It’s really hard to pinpoint just one thing, and I’ve already touched upon quite a few of the things that make Preqin a great place to work – the pace of work, the varied workload, and the amazing opportunities to advance your career with the company’s focus on personal development and internal mobility.

    But, if I had to pick my favorite thing, I would have to say the culture. Even though the company has grown significantly since I joined, we’ve managed to retain some of that family feel; the culture is open and inclusive, and I’ve always felt genuinely supported by my colleagues.  



    What do you like to do outside of work?

    I have a young daughter who occupies most of my time outside of work. I spend most of my days chasing her around, playing and reading books with her. Luckily, like me, she loves nature, so we also try to get out in the countryside as much as possible, taking long walks, spotting all the horses, sheep, and squirrels on the way!   

    Prior to becoming a parent, I would travel as much as I could. In recent years I have had the pleasure of travelling to so many amazing places – Vietnam, Singapore, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Australia, India, Kenya, and Iceland to name a few! Nowadays, life is a little more settled, and when I do manage to find some rare time to myself, I like reading, doing yoga, and catching up with friends.



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