Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Ryszard Nowobilski


VP, Talent Development - Global Training and Development Manager, HR 

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Feb 2022

    I work to create a culture of continuous learning, coaching-led leadership, and giving individuals the tools to build their career at Preqin.

    What are you responsible for at Preqin? 

    I am responsible for Talent Development and Management. I work to create a culture of continuous learning, coaching-led leadership, and giving individuals the tools to build their career at Preqin. This is all delivered through blended learning, including structured on-boarding, e-Learning, coaching and leadership programs, and informal lunch & learn series. I am delighted that Preqin now has dedicated talent development resources across the world!



    What is your favorite thing about working at Preqin?

    Change. Preqin is becoming a well-oiled change engine and able to adapt to evolving markets, clients, and even working environments. At every level in the organization, we are prepared to adapt, whether its evolving new products or fostering an exciting revolution through company acquisitions – change is ever present. This makes it a dynamic environment, a factor very much demanded by the workforce of today. A rolling stone gathers no moss, but it gains a certain polish.



    What achievement are you most proud of?

    My team! Talent Development & Management can be a thankless task and difficult to measure. But when you get the right team, you can achieve far more than you might imagine. Whether it’s crossing international time zones from home, building KPI frameworks, or creating customized videos, the whole team are agile, creative, and have helped build a global function from scratch. I couldn’t do any of it without them.



    What do you like to do outside of work?

    I’m a Dad to a wonderful little girl! Also, I am an avid car enthusiast, lover of racing, off roading, and vintage rallies. I’m a keen scuba diver and amateur powerlifter. When I’m not underneath a car, water, or a squat rack, I’ll probably be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.



    What are your tips for starting a new job remotely?

    Joining Preqin in late 2020 was exciting, but without doubt daunting. As an extrovert needing human contact, being sat in a house alone in front of a screen wasn’t easy for me. Working remotely has huge benefits for boosting productivity on some tasks but dramatically impacts those who need that human interaction. Fortunately, the people at Preqin make that easy. Picking up the Zoom phone for video chats has become the norm – scheduling a catch-up for a virtual coffee is still as important as ever. We can usually find 15 minutes for a coffee, so send me an invite!



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