Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Sabrina Edwards 

Analyst, Managed Data Services, Research & Insights

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Feb 2022

    Since I joined Preqin, my most obvious progression has been my move from Chicago to London! I’m in a different team now, but it's still the same great culture and incredibly smart people.

    How would you describe your role?

    Previously, I was a research associate on the private capital team based in Chicago, where I helped GPs update their profiles on Preqin Pro. Now, I’m an associate analyst on the Managed Data Services team in London, where I help LPs process their pre-investment documents.



    How has your career progressed since you joined Preqin?

    Since I joined Preqin, my most obvious progression has been my move from Chicago to London! Moving for family reasons was daunting, but it was exciting to get to stay with Preqin during this major life change. I’m in a different team now, but I’m still surrounded by great culture and some incredibly smart people.



    What achievement are you most proud of?

    Working as part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team in the US, I led the organization of an Americas-wide fundraiser for various homeless charities. We raised over $2,100 and had great prizes. Although it’s not directly related to my daily work, it was a deeply rewarding project and allowed me to interact with new people across the business I would not normally work with.



    What do you like to do outside of work?

    Outside of work, I love camping and visiting cool and unusual historic properties (my National Trust membership is basically my personality at this point). When I’m home, I knit, crochet, and read, but I also like to cook and entertain – my punch bowl is my most prized possession! 



    What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in learning about the industry?

    There's a lot of information about alternative assets everywhere, even if it’s missing some buzzwords and it’s not clearly marked “this is industry knowledge.” Learning about companies, technologies, and solutions to problems you’re already interested in will inevitably increase your exposure and understanding of the industry. The ubiquity of alternative assets is why the industry is so interesting in the first place! 



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