Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Shinhee Kim 


Senior Associate, Marketing 

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Mar 2022

    In 2021, I transferred to Marketing from the Research team to support the business growth in APAC. I feel grateful for the opportunities I've been given to advance my career.

    Tell us about your role, and what your day-to-day looks like

    As a senior marketing associate based in the Singapore office, I look after various marketing activities in the Asia-Pacific. My remit includes executing lead generation campaigns across multiple channels, events, partnerships, public relations, developing sales enablement materials, and so on. The main goal of these activities is to drive brand awareness and maximize sales opportunities in the region. As the first Korean speaker on the team, I’m also in charge of devising and executing go-to-market strategies for Korea.



    How would you describe your career trajectory so far at Preqin?

    I started my journey at Preqin in Research, the foundation of the business I believe, where I spent wonderful two years. Through daily communications with fund managers, I had plenty of chances to introduce our brand and products to new prospects, which naturally led to my interest in branding and marketing. I was also able to learn their pain points and understand the market opportunities, which helps me a lot in my current role. In 2021, I transferred to Marketing to support the team to accelerate growth in APAC. Preqin’s been flexible and supportive, and I feel grateful for the opportunities I've been given to advance my career.



    What made you want to join Preqin?

    There’re a few things that I consider when it comes to choosing a company to work for. Is it a market-leading company? Is it growing fast? And most importantly, does it have a good culture? Preqin meets these criteria. Preqin is the leading data solutions provider in the alternatives industry without a doubt. And I’ve witnessed significant growth of the business for the last couple of years, but we’ve retained our inclusive culture which I love.



    What are the big opportunities ahead for you and your team?

    APAC is an incredibly diverse and varied region that requires a deep understanding of multiple cultures to reach our customers. Therefore, we’ve been accelerating our efforts in localization to ensure our brand and products are well represented and understood, which I believe is our competitive advantage. Together with being such a diverse environment, what I also like about my job is that I can experience a wide variety of marketing approaches from inbound marketing to event marketing. This is a huge opportunity for me to expand my horizons.



    What skills have you developed that you are most proud of during your Marketing career?

    I learned many skills from my managers and colleagues, such as how to craft effective marketing emails, or how to plan campaigns. But if I have to choose the one that I’m most proud of, it’d be marketing automation skills. Even though I started with close to zero knowledge about it, I managed to tackle many automation tasks thanks to help from the team, and achieved the Salesforce Pardot Specialist certification last year. Also, Preqin’s Study Support Program sponsored me to study for the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) certification to broaden my industry knowledge.   



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