Employee Spotlight: Q&A with Stuart Taylor


VP, LP Solutions, Product 

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Feb 2022

    As an entrepreneurial person, I enjoy working in an industry like private equity, where its very purpose is to create, improve, and add value to people, businesses, and the world.

    What has your career trajectory looked like at Preqin?

    I started at Preqin in 2008, back when it had about 30 people all under one roof in London. I quickly realized that my confident and can-do attitude was perfect for Preqin, who at that point needed people who were willing to roll up their sleeves, try new things, and embrace growing and learning with the company. It stood me in good stead, as in no time I was on a path to more important and ambitious roles. From publishing our first real estate debt book, to heading up the GP Research team, to co-founding the Singapore office. I then took a brief hiatus from Preqin, embarking on what is now a 10-year career in product management. And the great thing? Since I came back, Preqin have continued to offer me fantastic opportunities to head up new developments, most recently the managed data services.



    Why did you come back to Preqin?

    I like exploring and building new things. I left Preqin in 2014, after six years at the company, to try my hand at building and marketing my own mobile app (a geolocation powered e-commerce and social networking app, or in plain English, an app that helped you to meet people in bars). We never quite hit the heights of Tinder, eventually ran out of funding, and my wife politely requested that I find a ’real job’ again. I wanted my next role to still be entrepreneurial, but to have the comfort of working for a well-resourced company. One of the senior leaders mentioned that Preqin was looking to build its first mobile app and that perhaps I was the right person to do it. “OK, I’ll just come back for a little bit then.” And six fulfilling and enjoyable years later, I am still here.



    How did you first get involved in financial services?

    My first job was at Preqin. The truth is that I was 24 years old and needed to pay rent. So, let’s just say, at that point I was career-agnostic, as long as that career allowed me to live with my friends in Shoreditch rather than live in my Mum’s spare bedroom. But it is not important where you come from, it’s where you are going, and I am glad to say that working in financial services has been hugely rewarding for me. As an entrepreneurial person, I enjoy working in an industry like private equity, where its very purpose is to create, improve, and add value to people, businesses, and the world. So, it’s not about numbers on a spreadsheet, or capital account statements, or pie charts – it’s about seeing the real-world problems that real-world people working in private equity have, and then doing my part to make their lives a little easier, more efficient, and rewarding.  



    What achievement are you most proud of?

    Two things stand out to me. One, leaving London to co-found the Singapore office back in 2010. When I arrived, I was the first research team member there, before we even had an office, other staff or even a government-approved working visa. But in no time I had played a pivotal role in building out the Asia-Pacific research team that was able to respond to the moves and needs of the markets. And it was SO much fun!

    And two, building Preqin Pro…twice. Software development is not always straightforward, and the first version did not get the market reaction that we wanted. But we quickly learned our lessons, rolled up our sleeves and got to work, and in collaboration with a great many colleagues across the company, we successfully launched what proved to be a very popular version two of our flagship product.



    What advice would you give to someone who’s interested in learning about FinTech?

    FinTech is a catch-all term for a huge and sprawling industry. Whether you are interested in corporate finance, deal origination, ESG, or any number of FinTech subject matters or disciplines, there are opportunities out there if you are ready to embrace them. Don’t be put off by the unknown and don’t get comfortable staying in the same lane - work out what you enjoy doing and then prove to yourself and others that you’re the person to do it.



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