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The Future of Alternatives

What will the alternative assets industry look like in five years?

Get a greater understanding of the future of alternatives with our free 80-page report that's packed with projections for the industry and how key trends will impact investors, fundraisers and other private investment professionals. You'll gain a unique perspective into current issues such as ESG and responsible investment strategies, AI and technology, the changing role of emerging markets, and much more.

Our predictions for 2023 include:

1. The industry will reach $14tn in AUM
2. Private equity AUM will outstrip hedge fund AUM
3. Private debt AUM will double in size...

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Listen to our experts

The Future of Alternatives
Amy Bensted, Head of Hedge Fund Products 

What can we expect in the next five years? How will our industry change? Amy pulls out key highlights from The Future of Alternatives report.

ESG and Alternatives
Dmitri Sedov, Chief Product and Marketing Officer 

How will ESG factors continue to play a role in fund selection, valuation and reporting? Dmitri explains how a growing demand for responsible investment is driving change.

Technology in Alternatives
Darren Thorpe, Chief Operating Officer

AI is a hot topic, but how will it impact the alternative assets industry? Darren relays our predictions.

Diversity in Alternatives
Amy Bensted, Head of Hedge Fund Products

Representation in private capital is far from equal. Is that likely to change for the better in the next five years? Amy analyses our findings.

Listen to the webinar

In this webinar moderated by Preqin's Head of Data Products Amy Bensted, we discuss some of the key trends and predictions raised by the report. Guests are Tony Vainio, Principal at Pantheon, and Simon Garfield, Senior Portfolio Advisor at Aksia. They discuss some of the key topics raised by the report, such as predictions regarding AUM, changing LP and GP dynamics and the impact of technology.

For more information, please contact: events@preqin.com 

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