Careers in Alternative Investments:

Q&A with Joyce Shapiro


by Joyce Shapiro - Founding Partner, Roaring Brook Investment & NYU Faculty


08 SEPT 2021


    Always question - don't accept the status quo, or the accepted industry standard. Learning to listen and research were pivotal in my developing new ideas and strategies!

    Can you tell us about your career so far in alternative assets? How does Preqin help you?

    I have worked globally managing assets directly and portfolios of both equity and debt, helped to create investment fund products, managed global teams for product and capital development and finally have launched a business for investing. Preqin was an instrumental tool in underwriting capital markets, enabling me to develop business plans and strategies for global investment. Preqin provided critical data and information which helped with mapping and implementing corporate direction, leading to successful investment. In the class I teach at NYU, the students learn about the business of real estate investment management. The students use Preqin as a tool to understand the realtime workings and patterns of the capital markets.


    Why did you decide to pursue a career in this industry?

    I was fascinated how real assets touched upon macro and micro-economics, global industry, demographics, social, and environmental issues. No two days in my career have been alike. It challenged me to have a broad perspective and be informed in areas from finance, law, and environmental science to architectural design and local planning boards. All to say, real assets is a fascinating area to work – dynamic and encompassing all areas of business.


    What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned in your career, and why?

    Always question, don't accept the status quo or the accepted industry standard. Learning to listen and research were pivotal in my developing new ideas and strategies. My questioning, along with these skills, aided me in creating new and interesting opportunities which were groundbreaking and exciting to launch.


    What advice can you give to help early-career professionals become successful in this industry?

    Understand the company you work for, not just your team, and always stay apprised of the firm's new initiatives. Be engaged and ruthless in having a broad understanding and knowledge of the economy at large and the dynamics at a micro level. Develop new ideas that are information-based and present the business case to those who will help convert your ideas into action/reality. Be seen as a solution creator and have fun!



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