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For 16 years, we’ve made quality data our number-one priority, helping you grow your network and business, raise funds, and find investment opportunities. Together, our fund manager subscribers raised nearly twice as much capital as non-subscribers in 2018 and were more likely to hold onto their capital. Our fund performance benchmarks are also the most widely used by the investor community globally.

That’s why Preqin Pro is your one source for comprehensive alternative assets data and intelligence.

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Because one-to-one conversations form the backbone of our data collection and validation, our platform gives you access to details you can’t find elsewhere. Our cutting-edge data ensures you’re always the first in your network to get actionable, forward-looking industry information.

You've got the most comprehensive coverage

Empowered by global data that’s both wide-ranging and in-depth – encompassing 35,000+ firms, 65,000+ funds, 18,000+ investors, and more – you can make the best-informed decisions for your business. But we know scale isn’t everything; that’s why quality has, and always will be, our top priority.

You have quality data you can trust

Multilingual researchers and the latest technology react immediately to newly available information so you never miss out. Only validated data goes into our platform. Unlike other providers, we’ll never just use machines; it’s human relationships with people like you that make us unique.

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