New! RMB/USD-Denominated Funds

by Oliver Senchal

What is it?

New data and features have been added to Preqin’s investor and fund manager datasets that allows:

  • Fund managers to identify investors with a preference for Renminbi (RMB) or USD-denominated China-focused funds.
  • Investors to identify fund managers based on currency used in the funds they manage.

The new data set is only available on Preqin Pro. Keep reading to learn more.

Why does it matter?

Regulations, tax treatment, trade wars, currency convertibility and exit routes all impact the investments that China-based investors can make and how fund managers choose to invest their capital in China.

With both foreign and domestic capital sources vying to establish themselves in the Chinese market, fund managers both locally and internationally need more detailed information on investors' choice of investment currency and understand market demand and investor plans when making a decision on fund currency denomination.

For further information on RMB/USD trends see the following blogs:

How does it work?

Investors and fund managers can now filter for RMB/USD in 'More filters':

LP More Filters

Investor Search: Using RMB/USD filter in ‘More filters’

GP Currency of Funds Managed

Fund Manager Search: Filtering by ‘Currency of Funds Managed’ in ‘More filters’

Watch the video below to see how you can isolate targets more effectively with this update:



Who gets it?

This data is available to all users of Preqin Pro.

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