New! Subscription Credit Facilities

by Oliver Senchal

What is it?

You now can screen Preqin’s private capital fund and fund performance database for a vehicle’s usage of a subscription credit facility, otherwise known as equity bridge facilities, subscription line facilities or capital call facilities.

The new data set is only available on Preqin Pro. Keep reading to learn more.

Why does it matter?

Subscription credit facilities are a topic of intense interest in the private capital space and usage of them has proliferated in recent years. While their usage has both advantages and disadvantages -depending on the point-of-view of an investor or fund manager (read more here) – there is a need for transparent data on usage so investors can perform a more complete due diligence on potential commitments or critically analyse their own vehicles performance.

Adding this data set allows customers to perform deeper IRR analysis by combining this data set with our benchmarking functionality.

How does it work?

The data on usage has automatically been added to fund profiles. Navigate to the ‘Fund Structure’ tile within the ‘Overview’ tab to see usage:

CreditFacility_Example Fund

There are multiple ways to incorporate credit line usage into your fund screening or performance analysis.

  1. Side-by-Side Comparisons: You can see fund-level usage of credit facilities in your results table to analyze in-platform, or through an export to Excel. Use the ‘Manage Columns’ button to add credit facility usage to your results table.
  2. Deeper IRR Analysis:Combine subscription credit facility filters with custom benchmarking functionality to keep track of the impact using credit lines has on fund performance.

Subscription Credit Facility - GIF_V2

Who gets it?

This data set is available to all users with Private Equity Online, Private Debt Online, Real Estate Online, Infrastructure Online, Natural Resources Online or the Funds in Market module.

The data is only available on Preqin Pro.

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