Preqin partners with The University of St. Gallen


As a member of this university, you can now access Preqin's data sets on private equity, hedge funds, private debt, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources. 

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Top tips on how students use Preqin:

1. Immerse yourself in the world of alternative investments

Advance your industry knowledge with real-world insights and gain the confidence to navigate the sector post-graduation, with the same tools used by more than 90,000 industry professionals globally. See what the pros see and draw your own data-driven conclusions.






2. Strengthen your resume for interviews and research your interviewers


List proficiency in using the Preqin platform to demonstrate your expertise in conducting research and analysis on alternative assets.

With our database of over 250,000 industry professionals and 40,000 alternatives firms, you can use Preqin to prepare for your interview and research your interviewers.


3. Be an industry insider and keep updated on the private markets


Fuel your own analysis with Preqin pro. 

Explore the impact of historic economic events on alternative investments across asset classes, regions, and time periods. 

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