Preqin Awards Methodology


Preqin's proprietary methodology showcases the top and most consistent industry performers.



Hedge Fund Performance


Eligibility requirements


  • Fund profile must be visible on Preqin Pro.  

  • Fund profile status must be ‘Active’.  

  • Completed 3-Years’ worth of Monthly Return Track Record as of 31st December 2022. 

  • Fund AUM of at least USD $300 million. 

  • Fund Auditor tagged onto the relevant profile. 

  • Fund Administrator tagged onto the relevant profile. 


Ranking criteria


  • Percentile rank each fund by each of the metrics listed below. Those with the highest score receive the best rank for that metric. 

  • By equally weighting, an 'Overall Score' is calculated by an average across all the ranking criteria.  

  • Fund with the highest ‘Overall Score’ is determined as the winner of this category. 

  • Sortino Ratio (MAR = 2.0%) – 3-Year 

  • Maximum Drawdown – 3-Year 

  • CVaR – 3-Year 

  • Annualized Return – 3-Year 

  • Annualized Volatility – 3-Year 


Data review process


  • Winners and shortlisted funds were identified to perform a final review of all relevant data points on firm and fund profiles, in addition to attempted direct outreach with each Hedge Fund Manager to confirm data accuracy.

  • For all Hedge Fund Performance Preqin Awards, the aim was to verify the following:

    • AUM track record

    • Fund auditor

    • Fund status

    • Fund structure

    • Fund strategy

    • Registration with Regulator within Local Jurisdiction




When was the performance data pulled? 

  • Performance data was pulled from Preqin Pro on May 15, 2023.

What was the time frame for consideration?

  • A fund would meet eligibility requirements if the performance data was reported within a 3-year time frame from December 31, 2022.

Was there a fee required to participate in the Preqin Awards?

  • No, all firms and funds that met eligibility requirements were considered for the Preqin Awards free of charge.


Additional questions?


Reach out to Preqin's hedge fund performance team.


Preqin Awards are compiled using public domain information and data reported to Preqin by the participants; they are not independently verified or assessed.
Preqin cannot therefore guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Details of Preqin’s proprietary methodologies can be found for private capital and for hedge funds.
If you intend to refer to your standing in marketing materials, you may only do so if you repeat the above statement within the materials.
The information provided is updated and corrected from time to time, so please ensure you check our service for the most recent data.